More than a POS …

OCTPOS not only provides a seamless management of the daily purchasing operations, but rather offers a panoramic view that gives insight into your store's performance and revenues.

Operations have not been Easier …

OCTPOS Web platform allows a smooth operation of all the transactions involved in your store management such as balance transfer, real-time reporting, inventory management, product catalogs, etc.

Your Week in a Nutshell …

A weekly status report, accessed through your mobile, summarizes your store in a week. The report contains your total revenue for the week, your average daily revenue, as well the products and categories that achieved the highest sales rate.


Visualizes Your Sales Power

Through OCTPOS reporting facility, the store management can easily obtain historical data reports to help them analyze the store's performance over different durations, and consequently forecast the upcoming sales power. Graphs and charts represent the data in an attractive and focused way that helps accelerating expansion decisions.

Saves your Money

As OCTPOS is a cloud-based solution, our customers have the freedom to subscribe with no major infrastructure or hardware costs: an Android tablet and a receipt printer will do the job. Licenses and IT support costs are no longer there.

Streamlines Daily Transactions

OCTPOS provides one platform to execute the different transactions running inside the store such as orders, store shifts, thermal receipts printing, payments' processing, inventory management, barcode management, etc. all in a seamless and accurate manner.

Suits Your Business Size

We are aware business types differ and consequently the budget allocated to their IT operations. OCTPOS is thus availed in two packages, one that fits small businesses and another that fits large enterprises.


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OCTPOS Point of Sale

  •  Orders Management
  •  Discounts & Refunds Management
  •  Various Payment Methods Support
  •  Shifts Management
  •  Offline Mode / Auto Sync
  •  Park Orders



  • Sales Orders
  • Shift Management
  • Sales Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Work Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Expenses and Suppliers

$99.00/ month


  • Sales Orders
  • Shift Management
  • Inventory
  • Work Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Expenses and Suppliers
  • Reporting

$199.00/ month


* Only one POS included, $79.00/ month for every additional POS